Beyonce Quotes

Beyonce Quotes by Morrissey, Karl Lagerfeld, Harry Belafonte, Rico Nasty, Gemma Collins, Tessanne Chin and many others.

The rhino is now more or less extinct, and it's not bec

The rhino is now more or less extinct, and it’s not because of global warming or shrinking habitats. It’s because of Beyonce’s handbags.
100 percent a huge fan of Beyonce. If I see her, I will faint. I’ve met her before. I just get really nervous and quiet – I just shut up and bow down.
Karl Lagerfeld
I would hope with all my heart, that Jay Z not take personally what was said… I would like to take this opportunity to say to Jay Z and Beyonce: I’m wide open, my heart is filled with nothing but hope and the promise that we can sit and have a one-on-one to understand each other.
Harry Belafonte
I love Beyonce. I feel like Beyonce is the final form of a person. Like, you gotta get to your Beyonce stage in life. That’s your final form as a human.
Rico Nasty
Just think Beyonce on ice, honey. That’s me.
Gemma Collins
What I love about Beyonce is she’s not a slave to a genre of music.
Tessanne Chin
Beyonce. I love it. Big Beyonce fan.
Jeff Green
Obviously, Gaga’s one of the greatest music visionaries of our time, and Beyonce is one of the greatest visions of our time. She is a music visionary, too.
Justin Tranter
See, I would never have Beyonce up here public speaking. She’s not good at it. Solange was just at Yale. She’s incredible at it.
Mathew Knowles
I feel like Houston is one of the leading things in music culture. Everyone loves the Houston culture. It needs to have its own monument, its own moment for artists like me, artists like Beyonce who set it off.
Travis Scott
Singers like Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar are very conscious of what’s going on around them, and they’re waking up lot of young people with that knowledge. They bring their enlightenment to the world; the world that is buying their records.
Dianne Reeves
Coldplay’s ‘Hymn for the Weekend’ video featuring Beyonce is already caught in a heated conversation about cultural appreciation of Indian religion and culture versus cultural appropriation of that culture for the western gaze.
Anthea Butler
I never had any technical training. I never considered that, one day, I’m going to be Beyonce like a lot of girls aspire to be. It just kind of happened.
Kali Uchis
Beyonce is the most amazing woman in the world.
Chris O’Dowd
We’re all trying to catch up with Beyonce. We’re all running a race, and Beyonce is up there, and we’re all just trying to run and get there. That’s my motivation.
Jessica Williams
There’s certain people that do pop well. Beyonce’s one of them, Rihanna, Rita Ora, I could go on and on. You’ve got to recognise what your talent and niche is.
Rebecca Ferguson
I’m a Beyonce fan, and when I’m looking at her, I’ll think ‘Oh my God, her life is so awesome, and she made it.’
Lilly Singh