Different Kinds Of Music Quotes

Different Kinds Of Music Quotes by Philip Seymour Hoffman, James Iha, Jessye Norman, Ryan Adams, Lyle Lovett, Oksana Baiul and many others.

I like so many different kinds of music just because al

I like so many different kinds of music just because all I did was listen to the radio as a kid.
Philip Seymour Hoffman
I like a lot of different kinds of music. I like strong projects, big music.
James Iha
I like so many different kinds of music that I’ve never allowed myself the limitations of one particular range.
Jessye Norman
The good thing about playing the guitar: You can take on different kinds of music. I’m always doing something different from the last thing I did because I have the shortest attention span on earth.
Ryan Adams
I’m really just trying to do things that I enjoy. I’m trying to play music that I like to play and like to listen to. I just have to think if I like those different kinds of music, there are other people who aren’t so different from me.
Lyle Lovett
I’d like to consider myself a versatile skater and I like to skate to different kinds of music.
Oksana Baiul
I’ve always considered transcribing to be an invaluable tool in the development of one’s musical ear and, over the years, I have spent countless glorious hours transcribing different kinds of music, either guitar-oriented or not.
Steve Vai
I listen to a lot of different kind of music. A lot of weird-ass music, like weird-ass, old Portishead.
Mac Miller
I like all different kinds of music. I never heavily molded myself after rappers. Sometimes they say when you think something and you go to say it, you lose a lot of color about what you’re trying to say, so to me the best rappers are the people that don’t lose that color.
What’s nice about being a producer is you get to roll the dice more often, and you get to be involved with lots of different kinds of music.
Jerry Harrison
I’m kind of inspired by just all different kinds of music.
I’m a synthesist. I’m always making music. And I make a lot of different kinds of music all the time. Some of it gets finished and some of it doesn’t.
Bruce Springsteen
Everyday something new pops into my mind: I could do this next or I could do that next. I want to grow more and more and show people different sides of myself, whether it’s different kinds of music, different kinds of movies, or different kinds of television.
LeAnn Rimes
I have pretty ecumenical tastes. I’m interested in a lot of different kinds of music, so I don’t listen with a jaundiced ear to music because it’s in a certain category, whether it’s country or opera or hip-hop or bebop or whatever it is.
David Sanborn
I love to travel to hear different kinds of music.
Nina Simone
I heard a lot of different kinds of music. I heard country music, I heard jazz, I heard symphonic music, opera, everything you can think of except very modern music.
Pauline Oliveros
Poems have a different music from ordinary language, and every poem has a different kind of music of necessity, and that’s, in a way, the hardest thing about writing poetry is waiting for that music, and sometimes you never know if it’s going to come.
C. K. Williams