Drake Quotes

Drake Quotes by Kelsea Ballerini, Jay Pharoah, Young Thug, Frank Ocean, Eli Drake, Gabrielle Aplin and many others.

It's been really cool to me to watch someone like Sam H

It’s been really cool to me to watch someone like Sam Hunt, whose lyrics and roots are in country but you can hear that he listens to Drake and Justin Timberlake – and that’s OK. It allows songwriters to be more honest because it’s like, ‘This is who I’m listening to.’
Kelsea Ballerini
I’ve never seen Kendrick Lamar crack a joke, and I’ve met him, but I’m sure he’s hilarious, too, just because he’s so good at rapping. J. Cole is a funny guy as well. Drake is funny. But who’s the funniest guy I’ve met who is a rapper? I would say 50 Cent.
Jay Pharoah
Wayne and Drake, it takes them so long to do a song. I understand why, because they want it to be perfect. But I think I can do a perfect song in 10 minutes.
Young Thug
I respect Drake not only as a creative person but as a business mind as well. I think Drake’s important.
Frank Ocean
As far as my goals are concerned, Eli Drake needs to be a household name any and everywhere it can be. Aside from that I want to rack up championships.
Eli Drake
I grew up listening to Nick Drake. Without him, I would not write music – and ‘Pink Moon’ is my favourite LP.
Gabrielle Aplin
I’ve been getting into Nick Drake lately, the folk singer. Sad, gorgeous stuff.
Anthony Doerr
The first time I heard Adam Feeney and Chester Stone Hansen’s ‘Vibez,’ it was used in Drake’s ‘0-100’ as a sample.
I see myself like what Drake did in the game. I came with melodies and different lyrics, from a different place – reggaeton is from Puerto Rico; Drake is from Canada.
J Balvin
Drake, I’d like to collaborate with. He’s a phenomenal lyricist. Probably the best rapper in the world at the moment. I love Kanye but there’s something about Drake; he’s more straight up, really clever and really poetic and metaphorical – I love that. He’s just clever.
Ellie Goulding
Me and Drake, we just met each other in passing on the road. We kicked it a few times. We kept ending up in the same circles. Eventually we figured out we wanted to work.
I always liked Drake.
Young M.A
The Americans have their way of talking, their way of dressing, their way of doing things, and we have ours. That’s why this whole U.K. underground thing has become sick, because everyone has finally said, ‘Yeah, yeah, Drake is sick – but hang on, we are too.’
I’d love to work with Drake. I got Drake beats.
Flying Lotus
I loved ‘Nothing Was the Same’ so much. For me, that was the first Drake record that I got into.
David Longstreth
I’m not going to do a song just because it’s with Drake.
Jorja Smith
Drake took me to the limit in our ping-pong challenge.
Reggie Miller