Having A Hard Time Quotes

Having A Hard Time Quotes by Stephen Gaskin, Donald Trump, Samuel Larsen, David Wessel, Simone de Beauvoir, Michael J. Fox and many others.

I've seen couples that were having a hard times sexuall

I’ve seen couples that were having a hard times sexually try cannabis and have it just open their vibes until they were able to reestablish the thing that made them want to be together in the first place. They repaired their relationship with the increased communication grass brings. I’ve seen a fair amount of that.
Stephen Gaskin
Ted Cruz new line of attack is that I`ve become establishment. Oh, give me a break. No, he`s having a hard time. He had his moment, and he blew it.
Donald Trump
One of the biggest things I learned was that it’s OK to be nervous and admit that you’re having a hard time.
Samuel Larsen
I think the one thing that’s going on here is that people are saying, uh-oh, the Chinese economy might be slowing more than we thought and the government is having a hard time stimulating it again.
David Wessel
Today, however, we are having a hard time living because we are so bent on outwitting death.
Simone de Beauvoir
If you have doubts about someone, lay on a couple of jokes. If he doesn’t find anything funny, your radar should be screaming. Then I would say be patient with people who are negative, because they’re really having a hard time.
Michael J. Fox
I couldn’t be messing around and acting like an 11-year-old if we expected to compete well. I wanted to compete well, because it was great to see the looks in the eyes of men¬ólike, “Wow, I am having a hard time beating this kid.”
Karch Kiraly
Find someone who is having a hard time or is ill or lonely, and do something for him or her.
Thomas S. Monson
The story was writing itself and I was having a hard time keeping up with it.
Ernest Hemingway
I wouldn’t care if he lost both his legs and was in a wheelchair. But it he’s having a hard time…Then I won’t see him.
Na Hae Ryeong
Take the time to define yourself and define your value. If you’re having a hard time doing that, ask yourself: What is something I would say to someone I love?
Beyonce Knowles
Though people see me in a good light all the time, I turn off my phone and take time to have a good conversation with myself while enjoying nature alone when I’m having a hard time.
All this hoping for something- or someone- that’s maybe hopeless. I’m having a hard time processing what I am supposed to believe, or if I’m even supposed to. There is too much information, and I don’t like a lot of it.
David Levithan
Young people are having a hard time with what’s reality and what’s fantasy these days…We created discussion. It wasn’t to create controversy for sale’s sake, but rather it was my obligation to use the medium for discussion. Nobody’s discussing the grown-up topics; they are faking and fronting.
Chuck D
I would encourage women to own their vulnerable moments. We’re all human and we don’t have it all together – that is perfectly okay. Admit when you’re having a hard time and don’t hesitate to ask for help. You will be very surprised when you realise we are all in the same boat at one time or another.
Lizzie Velasquez
I never had any urge or desire to do like a big spectacular movie with thousands and thousands of extras. I’d rather watch paint drying. But put me in a room with three people having a hard time, like a character situation, and then you’re into a really intense portraiture kind of concept.
Mike Figgis
I’m having a hard time finding a date. I don’t trust any women I meet. I’m very skeptical.
Alex Rodriguez