Nice To See You Quotes

Nice To See You Quotes by Mindy Kaling, J. J. Abrams, MaryJanice Davidson, Ilona Andrews, Bruce Forsyth and many others.

For heaven’s sake, if you don’t know someone’s name, ju

For heaven’s sake, if you don’t know someone’s name, just pretend you do. Do that thing everyone else does, where you vaguely say, “Nice to see you!” and make weak eye contact.
Mindy Kaling
It’s not often that I read about actors that I’m going to be meeting. I get to read articles about actors who were going to come in, so I get to see someone and say, “Oh, I read that I was going to see you. It’s very nice to see you.”
J. J. Abrams
It’s nice to see you again, Laura.” “Thank you, Mrs. T-” “No, no, no. Please, my name is-” “Mud,” I suggested. “Mud Barfbag Taylor. Call her Asshat for short.” ~Laura, Antonia, Betsy
MaryJanice Davidson
Wiggles hissed as I crossed the floor toward the throne. She fixed me with her empty hateful eyes and smelled the air, her long tongue shivering through the slit of the lipless mouth. Nice to see you too, sweetheart. Remember my cattle prod?
Ilona Andrews
Nice to see you, to see you nice
Bruce Forsyth