Sitting On The Beach Quotes

Sitting On The Beach Quotes by James Packer, Alan Dershowitz, Brian May, Robert Smith, Piper Perabo and many others.

I prefer to be sitting on the beach, but I can't. I wan

I prefer to be sitting on the beach, but I can’t. I want to be a billionaire.
James Packer
I love discomfort. I mean, my whole life is discomfort. One reason I can never retire is that the idea of just sitting on the beach totally comfortable is not a desideratum in my life. I like ambiguity, I like conflict, I like uncertainly.
Alan Dershowitz
I’m not a person for sitting on beaches. What would I do?
Brian May
My earliest memories are sitting on the beach at Blackpool, and I know that if I went back, it would be horrible. I know what Blackpool’s like – it’s nothing like I imagined it was as a child.
Robert Smith
I’ve never been one for sitting on beaches. Let me tell you who I am: I’m a girl from New Jersey who moved to New York and worked in a bar while trying to make a living at what I really wanted to do, which was act.
Piper Perabo