Such A Long Time Quotes

Such A Long Time Quotes by Ratan Tata, Alastair Cook, Sal Vulcano, Stephanie Beatriz, Neil Morrissey, Tito Ortiz and many others.

When you have to earmark human and monetary resources f

When you have to earmark human and monetary resources for such a long time, it starts to hinder your other activities.
Ratan Tata
I have achieved more than I could have ever imagined and feel very privileged to have played for such a long time alongside some of the greats of the English game.
Alastair Cook
We started off in improv and sketch comedy, and with improv the most important thing is to listen and make sure you’re not stepping over someone, so we’ve been trained for such a long time doing that.
Sal Vulcano
The playing ground is so uneven, and there have been so many straight characters for such a long time, and so many gay actors that have had to hide their sexuality to get the parts they want to play.
Stephanie Beatriz
There are loads of kids out there who haven’t got a clue what ‘Men Behaving Badly’ was; it was such a long time ago. So I’m able to spread my wings a little bit more. I was able to do it on stage over the years. Most directors and producers don’t know who I am these days, anyway!
Neil Morrissey
Scott Coker, I’ve known him such a long time, he’s always been a straight shooter. He’s always been very, very respectful towards me. He understands the business. He understands marketing and how to push the fighters to make them superstars in a household environment.
Tito Ortiz
I will say that when I first came out to the States to work on ‘Jericho,’ that was the only time that I’ve ever been frightened about a job, because in America they tell stories over such a long time, and I was petrified that I’d get bored.
Lennie James
Because our fight has been for such a long time we are isolated from the world, even after reconstruction we don’t have much attention from people outside.
Hanoi Hannah
I have known Kofi for such a long time. We were in developmental together in Louisville.
Mickie James
I’ve been around for such a long time. My first hit record was over 20 years ago and the people who bought my records then are married now and they probably still play these records and their children like them.
Bonnie Tyler
I was with Nightwish for such a long time that I still feel the band as a part of myself. I was one of the most important elements in Nightwish for nine years, and the band was an essential part of myself too.
Tarja Turunen
My kids are my No. 1 priority. They’re the light in my everyday life. The sunshine. The miracle. Those eyes. Those smiles. At the same time, I have an extended, amazing family that is my audience. All these people have been with me for such a long time. I have these two responsibilities.
First-ever woman to have an iron-man match. It’s been such a long time, to be the second woman ever to main event a Raw.
Sasha Banks
Maybe it’s because I’ve been an actor for such a long time, but I think, unless you’re a big star, you don’t really have much control over anything. I’ve never been able to make any plans.
Peter Capaldi
I feel like I’ve been around for such a long time, as a writer and as an artist, that I need to sort of speak to the way that my perception of the world has sort of changed.
Black Thought
When I see old photos of me on the beach I don’t look too bad… but it’s hard trying to breathe in for such a long time when I spot the photographers!
Gary Lineker
Men are boys for such a long time and really don’t start getting the great roles until they’re in their mid-thirties. But then they’ve got a long time to do them, whereas for women, it’s all about playing younger and younger and younger.
Cate Blanchett