Take A Deep Breath Quotes

Take A Deep Breath Quotes by Bo Burnham, Laura Harvey, James MacDonald, Laura Linney, Kurt Busch, Mickey Mantle and many others.

You got to take a deep breath and give up. The system i

You got to take a deep breath and give up. The system is rigged against you.
Bo Burnham
Asking ourselves, ‘Where am I right now?’ gives us a chance to step outside the internal dialogue for a moment of peace. Look around you, take a deep breath and notice what you see, hear and feel. Present moment awareness is the point of power and choice. It frees us from our compulsive thoughts.
Laura Harvey
Take a deep breath and take this to heart; God has nothing to do with broken promises. When He says, I promise, mark it down it’s going to happen.
James MacDonald
It’s always nice when you do something and it’s well received as opposed to the other way which God knows happens to everybody. When the good times come around, you take a deep breath, appreciate it, but not take it too seriously.
Laura Linney
Leaving a great organization and a lucrative contract is not easy, but it allows me to take a deep breath and work on things that can make me a better driver and a better person.
Kurt Busch
I don’t care who you are, you hear those boos.
Mickey Mantle
Today, there’s no excuse for not learning how to get our financial houses in order. Some of us close our eyes, take a deep breath and say a prayer when it comes to managing our finances.
A’Lelia Bundles
I grew up bar-singing and saw all kinds of ways people tried to outrun their emotional pain. It doesn’t work. You end up with the original pain, as well as new pain added on top of it from the tactics you used trying to avoid it in the first place. It’s best to take a deep breath, bolster yourself, and walk through it.
When I feel myself getting overwhelmed, I take a deep breath and eat a piece of chocolate.
Adrian Grenier
Take a deep breath, relax and imagine yourself exactly as you wish to be.
Brian Tracy
I always like it when I eat myself out of breath. That’s a good boost to my day. You know, I’m eating, and I go, ‘Oooohhh.’ It’s better a few moments later when you get to think about it, when you’re like, ‘Why did I just stop to take a deep breath? Oh yeah, my body also needs air.’
Tom Segura
I definitely have an alter ego that can come out and get me out of situations where I’m having social anxiety. I can take a deep breath and create a bubble so I can perform in some way.
Lindy Booth
Secure the border; have an ID system that works. Have a guest worker system. And then, finally, hold businesses accountable. Once you do that, most of the chambers of commerce and those who are clamoring around immigration will take a deep breath and relax.
John Hickenlooper
If you should encounter angry or unkind actions today, take a deep breath, reach deep within and greet the lack of love with love.
Iyanla Vanzant
Now, let us all take a deep breath and forge on into the future; knitting at the ready.
Elizabeth Zimmermann
My husband has taught me to take a deep breath and chill and enjoy things.
Erica Mena
You can talk yourself into a good emotional state. I stop for a second, take a deep breath, and think about something that’s beautiful. A beautiful thought for me is cutting the umbilical cord for my child. I can guarantee you that your emotional state will change.
Montel Williams