Quotations from classic literature/اقتباسات من الأدب الكلاسيكي


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“Listening, smiling, and agreeing are acts of diplomacy and respect, allowing us to connect with others on a deeper level. However, true empowerment lies in our ability to act authentically, to follow our own path with confidence and conviction. By listening, we gain valuable insights; by smiling, we build bridges; by agreeing, we foster harmony. Yet, it is in the freedom to act according to our own values and desires that we truly manifest our individuality and potential. So, let us listen attentively, smile warmly, and agree graciously, but let us never forget that our actions are guided by our own truths and aspirations. Ultimately, it is in the pursuit of our dreams, the fulfillment of our passions, and the realization of our purpose that we find true fulfillment and make our mark on the world.”

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