Weapons Of Mass Destruction Quotes

Weapons Of Mass Destruction Quotes by Bashar al-Assad, Peter Chernin, Rush Limbaugh, Colin Powell, William J. Clinton, Richard Armitage and many others.

We are against any WMD, any weapons of mass destruction

We are against any WMD, any weapons of mass destruction, whether chemical or nuclear.
Bashar al-Assad
Never, never tell jokes about a man with easy access to weapons of mass destruction.
Peter Chernin
Four years that the [Barack] Obama Justice Department… There were 100 ostensible cases, allegations. No weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, allegations of torture, all this garbage that left was putting out, and the Obama Justice Department took four years considering those cases.
Rush Limbaugh
I think all of the attention of the world, to include the attention of the Arab world, should be on Saddam Hussein and whether or not he is prepared to give up the weapons of mass destruction that he has used to terrorise the region.
Colin Powell
If Saddam rejects peace and we have to use force, our purpose is clear. We want to seriously diminish the threat posed by Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction program.
William J. Clinton
Our President feels, and apparently many in the United Nations Security Council feel, that it is necessary to disarm Iraq before Iraq can again use weapons of mass destruction on her neighbors or she makes some liaison with terrorists who will use these weapons either against Iraq’s neighbors or ourselves.
Richard Armitage
Like all art forms, film is a media as powerful as weapons of mass destruction; the only difference is that war destroys and film inspires.
Nicolas Winding Refn
With the exception of weapons of mass destruction, there is no other type of attack that is more effective than suicide terrorism. The perception is that it’s impossible to guard against.
Bruce Hoffman
We never believed that we’d just tumble over weapons of mass destruction in that country.
Donald Rumsfeld
He (former President Gerald Ford) made it very clear that he did not agree with the reasons President Bush laid out for the war, namely the belief that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq or that there was some obligation that the United States or the president had to expand democracy.
Bob Woodward
Iran is actively pursuing the development of weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles.
Howard Berman
If he declares he has none, then we will know that Saddam Hussein is once again misleading the world.
Ari Fleischer
Our bridge to the future must include bridges to other nations, because we remain the world’s indispensable nation to advance prosperity, peace and freedom and to keep our own children safe from the dangers of terror and weapons of mass destruction.
William J. Clinton
World peace is threatened not only by weapons of mass destruction but also by conventional weapons which have led to countless violations of human rights, including the rights to life and to physical integrity. A strong treaty can contribute greatly to international and regional peace, security and stability.
Alfred-Maurice de Zayas
Einstein believed deeply that science should transcend national and ethnic divisions. But he watched physicists and chemists become the purveyors of weapons of mass destruction in the early 20th century.
Krista Tippett
There were no weapons of mass destruction and Saddam Hussein was not involved in the September 11th attack.
Charles Rangel
We will build our defenses beyond challenge, lest weakness invite challenge. We will confront weapons of mass destruction, so that a new century is spared new horrors.
George W. Bush