When All Else Fails Quotes

When All Else Fails Quotes by Aaron Allston, Emile Gaboriau, Herman Cain, Rick Riordan, T. H. White, David Robinson and many others.

I was years older than you when I became an ambassador

I was years older than you when I became an ambassador for the first time. Remember that, Tycho? How did we get through that assignment, anyway?” “Pretty much, we opened fire on everyone who disagreed with us.” Wedge nodded and turned to his daughter. “When all else fails, just do that.
Aaron Allston
A father is the one friend upon whom we can always rely. In the hour of need, when all else fails, we remember him upon whose knees we sat when children, and who soothed our sorrows; and even though he may be unable to assist us, his mere presence serves to comfort and strengthen us.
Emile Gaboriau
When all else fails the liberals call you names or attack your personality.
Herman Cain
Hestia shook her head. “I am here because when all else fails, when all the other mighty gods have gone off to war, I am all that’s left. Home. Hearth. I am the last Olympian
Rick Riordan
You think education is something to be done when all else fails?
T. H. White
When all else fails, trust God.
David Robinson
When all else fails there’s always delusion.
Conan O’Brien
When all else fails, go for the ego.
Val McDermid
When all else fails…be a rockstar
Billie Joe Armstrong
When all else fails, cleaning house is the perfect antidote to most of life’s ills.
Sue Grafton
Prayer succeeds when all else fails
Edward McKendree Bounds
As international support for Obama’s decision to attack Syria has collapsed, along with the credibility of government claims, the administration has fallen back on a standard pretext for war crimes when all else fails: the credibility of the threats of the self-designated policeman of the world.
Noam Chomsky
When all else fails, tell the truth.
Donald T. Regan
I like what Abba Eban once said during the 1967 war. He said, “When all else fails, men turn to reason.”
E. O. Wilson
Preach the gospel wherever you can; when all else fails use words.
Francis of Assisi
When all else fails, and to stand firm seems impossible, stand on the wood of the Cross; it will float with you.
Marie Leszczynska
When all else fails, start running!
Dean Karnazes